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We want your experience to be the best possible and we hope that you’ll return with friends and family year after year!  Please review the list of services we provide to gun owners and enthusiasts in our Way-Out-West Gun Store! 
Gun, Equipment & Supplies Retail Store:  This is Your Starting Point!

When you enter our store, you’ll notice that we carry a full-line of quality firearms.  If we don’t have it, and if it’s available, we can get it!  This is also your starting point for purchasing your range time.  We accept major credit cards or cash. (MasterCard, VISA, Discover & American Express)

We offer many services including scope setting, ring lapping, bore sighting, rifle/pistol cleaning, and sight-in.   


BONUS: You’ll receive a 30-day free range pass with the purchase of a firearm from our store. We do offer layaway options as well.

This is a short list of some manufacturers we readily carry in the store:

We are always open to your suggestions for improving our range, store and services – and your input is vital to our ranges success!   We are not your typical firing range.  We are a down-to-earth, family-owned, Texas-friendly establishment who takes pride in our rough and rural setting and we love helping individuals from all walks of life, ages and skill levels to achieve their desired goals.

We accept Cash and the following forms of payment:




Disclaimer:   This is a privately-owned gun range.  It is open to the public for a fee.  Please observe Safety Policy at bottom of page. We are not held responsible for accidents and a waiver is signed-before you enter the range.  NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWEDAll guests must check in at the store and it is known in advance, that you enter at your own risk.  Not being in accordance to our rules and regulations will result in your removal from our range and facilitiesSAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

Way-Out-West Shooting Center’s Rules/Regulations:

*Adhere to all posted rules and regulations at Way-Out-West Shooting Center

*Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times while inside the firing area

*Children must be supervised at all times while on premises; children under the age of 12 MUST HAVE an adult with them at all times in the firing area

*NO armor piercing, tracer, or explosive ammunition will be allowed on the premises

*All firearms must be unloaded with the action open before leaving the firing area

*No person will be allowed forward of the firing line until the active shooters have cleared their firearms; contact range staff if assistance needed

*Only persons, including accompanied minors, who are actively shooting are allowed inside the firing area

*Way-Out-West Shooting Center is NOT held responsible for faulty firearms; user will be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries

*All fired rounds must be fired toward the target area

*All firearms are subject to inspection at ANYTIME by range staff

*All firearms must be pointed down range in a safe manner at all times